The Court Volunteer Service provides the vital link between the court and its clients and contributes to the Courts Administration Authority’s ongoing commitment to achieving and maintaining a high level of service to all court users.

Volunteers work to a code of ethics and a duty statement which was developed in consultation with staff and union representatives.  There is a wide diversity of backgrounds and age groups but the common bond is a commitment to assist all people who come into contact with the courts system.  Meetings are held in Adelaide bi-monthly, and volunteers are encouraged to attend.   Guest speakers provide information on court initiatives or on services provided by other agencies.  Other training or information sessions are held when necessary, with initial training being provided “on the job”.

The role of volunteers assists the court to function more smoothly by providing help and assistance to court users.  Volunteers are always available to assist any client of the court, no matter what their role in the court process.  They may be a witness, a defendant, a plaintiff, a victim, a lawyer or simply someone wishing to observe proceedings and learn more about the court system.

The volunteers provide various types of information (except legal advice), pamphlets and referrals. They may be required to :

  • advise court users on which courtroom they are required to attend
  • provide directions to courtrooms or other facilities within the building
  • liaise with Sheriff’s Officers on matters of security
  • refer people to other agencies and services, such as the Duty solicitor or the Legal Services Commission, Relationships Australia – Counselling for Victims of Crime, Family and Youth Services, Crisis Care and other legal and welfare agencies
  • distribute information about the Justice system, such as brochures and handouts on court procedures
  • provide support for people who are confused, distressed and/or anxious about going to court
  • assist clients with Legal Aid application forms

Volunteers provide services at the following locations:

  • District Court – Sir Samuel Way Building, Ground Floor, Victoria Square, Adelaide
  • Adelaide Magistrates Court – Ground Floor, 260-280 Victoria Square
  • Port Adelaide Magistrates Court – St. Vincent Street, Port Adelaide
  • Elizabeth Magistrates Court – 15 Frobisher Road, Elizabeth
  • Christies Beach Magistrates Court – Dyson Road, Christies Beach

Operating times vary at each location and are subject to review from time to time to ensure they are meeting the needs of court users.

For further information please email our volunteer coordinator or telephone +61 8 8204 0720.