Bookings for school visits has been expanded to five days per week and it is recommended that groups be contained to a maximum of 30 people including teachers and supervisors.

COVID safety initiatives in place include:

* Masks are available at Point of Entry;
* Hand sanitiser is available at Point of Entry and in public areas; and
* COVID signage is posted to support social distancing

2022 11 Self-Guided School Visit Instructions - Post COVID.docxDownload 
01 SA Court Hierarchy.docxDownload 
02. The criminal process explained.docxDownload 
03 Opening to a Jury by a Judge.pdfDownload 
04 Sentencing discounts.docxDownload 
05 Sentencing remarks - Drug Trafficking.pdfDownload 
06 Decisions through the lens of a court.docxDownload 
07 Interesting cases from Dr Giancaspro.docxDownload 
08 Journey through the courts poster.pdfDownload 
09 Courts and Australian Curriculum.docxDownload