The Magistrates Court registries are where court documents are lodged, files are managed, cases are listed and enquiries can be made regarding court hearings

For administrative purposes, Magistrates Court registries are managed by the court registrars and the Principal Registrar Magistrates Court.

The Magistrates Court judicial members are supported by magistrates clerks or personal assistants and associates. Clerical and administrative support in the registries is provided by Courts Administration Authority clerical officers.

At the Magistrates Court Civil Registry, documents are lodged in civil cases, such as car accident claims and minor claims. Listings information is also available, and information on how to begin a minor claim.

View civil cases for more information

The Criminal Court can hear matters where the penalty can be a fine, a prison sentence of up to five years, a good behaviour bond or a community service order.

In criminal matters punishable by more than five years gaol, the Magistrates Court conducts a preliminary examination of a charge and may commit the accused person to be dealt with by a higher court.

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