A counselling, information, and support service is provided by experienced Social Workers and you are invited to use this service, either by telephone or in person. This service includes:

  • initial grief and crisis counselling during the time immediately following the death of a loved one
  • counselling at key points following the death of a loved one, for example when a finding is made
  • in appropriate circumstances, assistance to view the body of the deceased
  • provision of specific information about the coronial processes as it relates to your loved one
  • help in preparing for inquests
  • information about bereavement support groups
  • information on helping children to understand death
  • referral to longer term counselling and other resources
  • community education about the State Coroner’s Office, and related matters

These services are free of charge and any family member or friend, may use them by contacting the State Coroner’s Office during office hours.

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