The District Court registry is where court documents are lodged, files are managed, cases are listed and enquiries can be made regarding court hearings

For administrative purposes, the District Court registries are managed by the court registrar and the Director, Higher Court Services.

The District Court judicial members are supported by personal assistants, associates and tipstaves. Clerical and administrative support in the registries is provided by Courts Administration Authority clerical officers.

The Director, Higher Court Services is the principal administrative officer and is responsible for managing the provision of executive, registry and support services to the court, ensuring that government and court policy are effectively implemented and proper management objectives for the court are achieved. The Registrar is supported in this by staff of the Civil and Criminal Registries, the judges’ associates and secretaries, and staff of the Sir Samuel Way Library.

The Civil Registry receives and processes all documents lodged in the civil jurisdiction of the court, and is the principal point of reference for enquiries from the legal profession and the public.

The Criminal Registry is a centralised service which serves both Supreme and District Criminal Courts. It ensures that the criminal listing and caseflow management system is administered efficiently and maximises the use of judicial resources. It receives and processes Magistrates Court committal files, information, (the documents lodged by the Director of Public Prosecutions to initiate criminal proceedings), as well as applications for bail, bail variation and review of bail applications for leave to appeal.

The judicial support officer is responsible for the provision of a comprehensive and confidential secretarial service as required by a judge both in and out of court.

Masters of the court have a secretary who records the outcomes of all hearings and provides keyboard and administrative services.

District Court judges’ associates provide a comprehensive professional legal service to the judges of the court. It is the task of an associate to render personal, confidential and professional assistance to the judge to whom they are allocated, both in and out of court.