Criminal, Special and Care and Protection functionality will be available on 29 August 2022

CourtSA provides receipts only for lodgements that have occurred via CourtSA. Receipts cannot be provided for lodgements made at a Court Registry.

Payment must be made at the time of lodgement using either a VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card

AMEX and cash are not accepted via CourtSA. CourtSA does not store credit or debit card details.

Your document is not lodged until payment is made.

If you have a law firm account, only the user who made the payment will be able to access the associated receipt. You can view receipts for payment in the payments page in your CourtSA account. You are able to print, or download and email receipts.

You cannot enter your own reference at the time of payment.


  1. Log in to CourtSA.
  2. Go to “My Cases” and click on the cart tab
  3. Click the Case reference number check box. If you have more than one item you would like to pay for, you may check more than one box
  4. Click “Pay Selected Items”
  5. Check the Process Payment information page to ensure you are paying for the correct document
  6. Click “Continue”
  7. Follow the bpoint payment prompts to complete your payment
  8. A green confirmation box will appear in the Receipt page

Receipts can be viewed on the Payments page under My Cases

Receipts will only be visible in CourtSA if you lodged the document or case via CourtSA. If the document or case was lodged over the counter or via email the receipt will not be visible in CourtSA.


  1. Log in to CourtSA
  2. Click “My Cases”
  3. Click “Payments”
  4. Click the “Payment date” hyperlink or “Filings” hyperlink
  5. Click the PDF pop up if you wish to print, save or email the receipt
  6. If you have paid for multiple items at once, view the individual receipts by clicking the plus icon plus sign  in the “Filings” column then selecting each filing number
  7. Alternatively, you may view the one receipt with the multiple items by clicking the “Payment Date” hyperlink

You may be issued a refund if your lodgement is rejected

If your documents are rejected and you’ve paid the associated filing fee, it may be refunded to you.

If a refund is granted, it will be refunded onto the same credit or debit card you used to pay. Payment received via BPoint through CourtSA will be refunded via BPoint. It can take 4-7 business days.