The Rules and procedures regarding filing electronically can be found in the Uniform Civil Rules 2020

Use one Form 14 Exhibit front sheet to Affidavit or Statutory Declaration to certify all your exhibits.

Per Rule 37.1(4) (4) “Each page of an affidavit or statutory declaration must be dated and signed at the foot by the deponent and attesting witness.”

If the affidavit is 12 pages the first exhibit is to be page 13 and so on.

There is no requirement that a Claim, Defence or Originating Application be served by the Sheriff. The costs of service by the Sheriff will not usually be recoverable in the action. There are other simpler ways to serve the document. Please see Rules 41 to 43 of the Uniform Civil Rules 2020 for more information on service.

Allowance for travelling expenses incurred by the Sheriff in the service of a document that requires a significant distance to be travelled may incur a fee per kilometre or part of a kilometre, after the first 50 kilometres travelled, see the Civil Court Fees page for more information. An invoice will be issued to the applicant, respondent or solicitor where an allowance for travelling expenses is charged. An allowance for travelling expenses generally applies in rural and regional areas. For more information contact CourtSA Registry Services.