Information to help you with technical issues

To use CourtSA, you will require access to:

  • A computer
  • The internet
  • A scanner (in some instances)
  • A printer (in some instances), and
  • A word processing tool such as Word (in some instances)

It is recommended that you use Google Chrome.

CourtSA will accept standard office application types such as Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).

The total size of all documents uploaded per form cannot exceed 200MB.

Affidavits (if large) can be split into individual volumes (not exceeding 20MB each) and each volume uploaded.

If you experience a lodgement error please record the date and time of the error, take a screen shot of the error, and send this information to

If you upload a document to the lodgement, save it as a draft, return and change the uploaded document CourtSA is recognising both uploaded documents and cannot process your lodgement. If you are creating a draft lodgement in CourtSA do not upload any documents until you are ready to lodge.

If you cannot see the document you lodged it may be that it requires approval from Court Services before it is filed and visible.

If your document has been approved and filed but is still not visible, please contact CourtSA Registry Services.

CourtSA will not reject a document for spelling and grammatical errors, nor can it automatically determine if the incorrect document has been uploaded.

CourtSA does not integrate with any Practice Management Systems. However, you can access and download documents from CourtSA and store them in your Practice Management System.

If you need assistance because CourtSA is down, contact CourtSA Registry Services for assistance. If you have lost connectivity to the internet, you will need to contact your service provider.

The integrity of the system and confidentiality of data is paramount. The Courts Administration Authority has put in place industry standard cyber security mechanisms to limit potential abuse of the system.